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Pool fence installations by Life Saver of North New Jersey means you will have the strongest available pool fencing and professional installation experience from start to finish. All our pool fence installers are factory trained and certified installers. We require them to annually take pool safety seminars offered through Life Saver Pool Fence Systems in order to improve on installation techniques and tools, become familiar with new product upgrades and learn on how to continually provide excellent installation customer experience.

At Life Saver Pool Fence of North New Jersey, we are always striving to do better for our customers and ensure that every job we do comes with total satisfaction.

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The Importance Of Using The Right Installation Tools

pool fence installations in New Jersey

Every Life Saver Distributor is under strict scrutiny from corporate. What this means is that it is required, under contract, that a Life Saver Pool Fence be installed according to the high standard of corporate guidelines which includes the installation tools we use.

The most important tool used in our pool fence installations is the wet diamond core drill machine. The core drill machine is meant for drilling into all types of stone and can be retrofitted for wood drilling as well. The core drill uses a water lubricated diamond tip bit. This ensures that we will drill a perfect 1 1/8″ hole into your blue stone, pavers and concrete deck without the threat of chipping, scratching, or breaking of the surface.

Additionally, our pool fences are based on a system known as bilateral tension. Which means there is a constant force being exerted on the fence left to right. This force is needed to keep the fence firmly in the ground and the Safety Snap Latches in between sections securely locked in place. This cannot be achieved properly without the use of a core drill. The core drill machine is freestanding and has level adjustment rods that allow our installers to properly drill each hole on its appropriate angle.

The average pool fence we install for clients is 100′ around a pool with holes that need to be drilled every 3 feet. Beware of pool safety fence installers who use a hand-held drill. Using a hand-held machine to drill into your pool deck can leave you with a fence that is not only crooked but won’t function properly and just be a waste of both time and money. Most of these hand-held drills are referred to in the industry as “hammer drills”. These drills do exactly what they are called – they hammer and drill without the use of a water cooled diamond tip. This process can result in surface chipping and breakage.

Estimating, Booking, and Installing Your Pool Fence

The first step in new pool fence installation is that we will come out and measure your pool and figure the proper way (keeping your concerns and considerations in mind) the fence should run in order to deny access to the water. We have many different styles of pool fences that can be installed in a variety of considerations to match your personal tastes, convenience, and budget. Each and every one our styles are equally as safe as the next. We only sell one grade of fence and that is the highest quality fence available. When it comes to budget, you will never have to compromise safety.

Once we have provided you with a job proposal and you are ready to book an installation appointment our typical time frame, even during our busy season, is approximately 10 days to 2 weeks. We understand your importance for having a safety barrier installed “yesterday” and this is why we do everything possible to furnish you with a Life Saver System in a timely fashion.

When it comes to the day of installation, 98% of the time this is a one-day job – and will usually only take our pool fence installers a few hours. When we arrive, we will unload all tools and material for the job into the backyard. Next, we will go over the layout with you to make sure nothing has changed from the estimate. Once you have provided our installer with direction and distance of the fence he will visibly mark it on you deck surface and show you once more to ensure that this is exactly how you want the Life Saver Pool Fence System to run. All you have to do is O.K. the final layout and within a few hours you will be another happy client with peace of mind.

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Whether you are a parent, grandparents or other family member who wants to keep your child and other family members safe from the risk of drowning, a Life Saver Pool Fence is the only fence you need to keep you that peace of mind. Our installation process is simple, efficient and designed with our clients in mind.

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